Surefoot Contoura X Heat Custom Foam Injected Ski Boot Liner. Blue liner with black 'R' for race. Plastic tubes for memory foam injection. Heating element cord for heater battery connection located on the top outer edge.


Contoura X Heat - Custom Ski Boot Liner

Sale price$465.00

The X Heat liner is for those looking for the ultimate combination of comfort and performance. It features an injection-molded upper cuff and a robust power channel tongue, elevating the performance of any ski boot. This is the liner that many of our employees ski in!

Heat Integrated

Every Surefoot Contoura Liner is engineered with an integrated heating system for your comfort. Ready for an instant warmth upgrade? Pair your Contoura Liners with Surefoot Winterheat batteries whenever you’re ready–right out of the gate or later on.

Foam Injected

Expertly crafted, our liners are manually injected by one of our boot fitters with a gel-like memory foam material that solidifies in five minutes, creating a protective, flexible liner that molds perfectly to fit your foot and ankle.

Fully Custom

At Surefoot, we take pride in our unique foaming process that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Custom-built from the ground up to your foot’s every curve, Surefoot Contoura Liners deliver a custom fit unparalleled in precision and comfort.

*Please note: while you can view and purchase our custom liners online, the creation and fitting process requires an in-store visit.