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Why is the tax rate 11.859%?
The tax rate does not seem correct.
  Due to our unique situation the initial tax rate displayed is the highest of any of our stores. When you check out the amount you see displayed is only authorized. (Similiar to what happens when you check into a hotel) Once we ship the item your card will be captured for the correct amount.  It will never be higher than the authorized amount.  

If the item is shipped to one of the following states a tax will be charged. NY, VT, CO, UT, ID and CA.  The tax will be determined by the rate at the location of the shipping store.

If you are ordering a custom boot the tax rate will match the rate of the store where your appointment is made.
If you are purchasing a custom boot and picking it up in-store the tax rate will most likely be between 7.4% and 9.5%.