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Have you been scanned at one of our store?
If so, we have your scan on file it is very easy to order an additional pair. Simply determine the type of insole you want below and click on “Add to Cart”. If you are not sure which one you want choose General Use. Next choose the type of shipping you desire and “Proceed to Checkout”. Now you are brought to our one page checkout where you enter your billing and shipping information. Directly under these fields are a few questions about your shoes and the store you were scanned at. These questions help us to make sure we make the insoles just as you desire. That’s it. Very easy and quick. We will produce your new insoles and ship them out within 24 to 48 hours. If you have any questions click on the “Ask Our Boot Fitters” on the lower left of every page.
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Skiing Insoles
Skiing Insoles
Price: $255.00

Best Fit and Comfort in Ski Boots. Surefoot Insoles are the first step in creating a proper fit inside your boots. The insoles hold your feet in the strongest position, allowing you to be powerful in your turn while maintaining support and comfort. We have eliminated the discomfort that ski boots are notorious for, and have brought to you an insole that will make your day on snow much more enjoyable.