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Custom Insoles Overview
Surefoot Insoles provide the correct foundation to improve comfort, performance, and efficiency in all activities. We begin by taking a computerized scan of the bottom of your foot. While you are on the scanner we realign your ankle so that the foot is in subtalar neutral. This "neutral position" is the strongest skeletal stance that your body can be in, which is especially important for athletic activities.This result is better alignment, and therefore improves support for your knees, hips, and back.

Once the computer has mapped your feet in the neutral position, the scan is translated into topographical map and the ski insoles are made with full support. Our computer driven miller then mills your customer insoles out of a solid piece of EVA. While insoles are advantageous for all sorts of activities, some of the most common uses include skiing, running, golfing, biking, and every day use.

Have you been scanned at one of our store?
Once you have been scanned at a Surefoot location, your foot scan is saved in our system, making it very easy for you to order additional pairs. To order more insoles, first determine the type of insoles you want by choosing an option below and clicking “Add to Cart”. Then, choose your desired shipping method and click “Proceed to Checkout”. At checkout you will see questions about your shoes and the store you were scanned at. These questions help us make the insoles perfect for you. We will produce your new insoles and ship them out within 24 to 48 hours.

If you have any questions click on the “Ask Our Boot Fitters” on the lower left of every page.

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Skiing Insoles Skiing Insoles

Best Fit and Comfort in Ski Boots. Surefoot Insoles are the first step in creating a proper fit inside your boots. The insoles hold your feet in the strongest position, allowing you to be powerful in your turn while maintaining support and comfort. We have eliminated the discomfort that ski boots are notorious for, and have brought to you an insole that will make your day on snow much more enjoyable.

Price: $255.00
Surefoot Running Insoles Running Insoles

Perfect your Stride. With the heavy impact running places on your feet and body, it is crucial to have the proper support and cushion in order to reduce fatigue and prevent injury. Surefoot Insoles give you the support you need, while maximizing comfort and enhancing efficiency. With our technologies, Surefoot Insoles guide your stride to be more efficient, leading to more energy and faster running.

Price: $255.00
Biking Insoles - Cycling Biking Insoles

Ride With Power. The Surefoot Insole helps to hold the foot in neutral which aligns the strongest bones in the ankle. This results in greater power, increased efficiency, and a powerful pedal stroke throughout the ride.

Price: $255.00
Golf Insoles Golfing Insoles

Perfect Your Game. In golf, a stable platform and balanced stance is the most important way to ensure a consistent, powerful swing.  Surefoot Insoles stack and align the bones of the foot in their strongest position to achieve a more balanced stance. With increased arch support, not only is performance enhanced, but comfort is maximized.

Price: $255.00