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Our unrivaled expertise combined with passion, design, and rigorous testing resulted in Conforma - insoles that make a significant difference in performance, comfort, and injury prevention. Surefoot's relentless desire to provide the sports world with the best insole possible continues. Every year more than 100,000 feet are scanned, adding to the most comprehensive data on feet ever complied. It's that data that was the foundation of the Conforma line of insoles. From world-class marathon runner to 5 miles per week enthusiast, Conforma insoles blends form and function seamlessly to make every run a better run. CLICK HERE to determine what insole is right for you.

Conforma 3QTR Insoles Conforma 3QTR Insoles

Low, Medium, or High Arch 3QTR Insole

Price: $40.00
Conforma Alto Insole Conforma Alto Insole

High Arch Profile Insole

Price: $60.00
Conforma Medio Insole Conforma Medio Insole

Medium Arch Profile Insole

Price: $60.00
Conforma Basso Insole Conforma Basso Insole

Low Arch Profile Insole

Price: $60.00
Conforma Women's Insole Conforma Women's Insole

Women's Medium Arch Profile Insole

Price: $60.00