Rent Skis Not Boots

The next time you're packing for a ski vacation, you may want to think twice about leaving home without your own ski boots. While baggage fees and overweight limits have become the bane of ski trips, bringing your own ski boots on the trip is worth every cent. Plus, you can always check in your ski boots as carry-on luggage which will eliminate the fees incurred if checking in skis.

If renting equipment is inevitable, make sure to rent skis. Skiing a full day with skis that are not perfect for you will not ruin a vacation, while the wrong ski boots will.

There are many advantages to using your own ski boots versus renting. Typically, rental boots are the lowest end boots that the manufacturers put into production and sells. They are made out of very cheap plastics that make it dramatically harder to improve when compared to average to upper end boots. Sweating in ski boots is very common and this buildup of moisture, besides being very gross, makes the liners break down very quickly. This results in even less control and comfort.

Simply put, renting ski boots can actually be detrimental to your skiing ability and hard earned vacation. To make it even worse many rental shops will only buy a few sizes of shells and try to put filler material in the boot to take up space. This saves them money and time, but is terrible for your skiing experience.

Unlike rental ski boots, Surefoot Custom Ski Boots fit great and allow skiers to improve their skiing ability. This greater control and comfort directly translates to a longer, more enjoyable ski day.

So, make the most out of you next trip, a better fitting ski boot leads to a better vacation.