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A Surefoot Custom Liner and Orthotic can be purchased with a Standard Ski Boot.  The 2012-13 Surefoot Contoura Liners is the result of 25 years of boot fitting experience, an intense passion for the sport, and use of the latest technology and material available.  Upon checkout you will have the option to purchase a Surefoot Custom Liner and Orthotic to your order.  A boot fitting appointment is required at one of the 24 Surefoot locations in order to customize the liner for you.  

If your serious about improving the fit and performance of your current boots, or are considering new boots, check out the Surefoot Contoura Custom Liners.
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Lange RX 90 Women's Ski Boot
Tecnica Cochise 95 W
Price: $599.00
Lange RX 90 Women's
Price: $549.00
The Cochise 95W is a great lightweight option for the intermediate skier that wants a comfortable, soft, versatile and high performance ski boot. This boot is made to wear all day long as the engineered Cuff Mobility system allows for great range of motion. The new Mach 1 85 W is a great boot for most types of skiers. It is specifically designed for women, without giving up the performance of the Mach1 series. One of our most popular pre-fit boots, the RX 90 W is a moderate volume, performance driven boot that works for all but the most extreme foot shapes.
Nordica Belle H3 Women's Nordica NRGy PRO 3  Pro Ski Boot Nordica NXT N2 Ski Boot
Nordica NRGy PRO 3
Price: $599.00
Nordica NXT N2
Price: $549.00
The new Belle H3 are specifically designed for women who are looking for light weight, good performance and comfort. New this year from Nordica is the NRGy line. The Pro 3 is a 100mm last, 110 flex and is a great performing all mountain boot. The hinge point of the upper cuff is placed slightly forward of most competing boots, to create more responsiveness from the skis. The new NXT N2 is part of the new NXT line launched by Nordica this year. These boots feature a 103mm last and a 100 flex, and are easy to get on and off. They feature a new adjustable cuff profile to allow for more room for bigger calves for a more comfortable day in your boots.
Lange XT 90 Women's Ski Boot Lange RX 120 Ski Boot Lange SX 120 Ski Boot
Lange XT 90 Women's
Price: $599.00
Lange RX 120
Price: $699.00
Lange SX 120
Price: $649.00
The XT 90 W appeals to both the side country enthusiast as well as the all mountain skier looking for a convenient boot that skis well. The Hike Mode allows the cuff to stand upright making it possible for the legs to relax while walking or standing in the lift line. This boot is for the advanced All-Mountain skier who wants nothing but the best. It’s the only 100mm lasted mono-injection shell on the market. The 120 flex gives plenty of power and Lange’s Control Fit technology and high density liner provide high performance in a surprisingly comfortable package. Lange SX 120 combines Lange’s heritage of top performing shells with today’s demand for higher volume shells. The new 102 mm last allows more room for those with wider feet or those who only ski a handful of days per year and whose feet need a little more room to breathe.
Salomon X Max 90 W Salomon X Pro 90 W
Salomon X Max 90 W
Price: $599.00
Salomon X Pro 90 W
Price: $599.00
Tecnica Inferno Crush Women's
Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $419.00
The Salomon X Max 90 W is a performance boot specifically made for women.Due to this technology, the custom shell can extend from a 100mm last to 106mm. The oversized pivot reduces play for extreme precision and direct transmission to wider skis. With a 90 flex, this boot works well for many ability levels of skier, depending mostly on foot shape and strength. This new X Pro 90 W is specifically made for women. The upper cuff can enlarge up to 1 cm to easily fit all legs shapes. The liner features a specific height and cuff to better adapt to women legs and calves. The Inferno Crush is Tecnicas top line ripper for expert female skiers that want race boot type performance and responsiveness in a low volume fit. The 98 mm last gives a solid fit for those with lower volume feett without having to over buckle.
Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boot Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boot
Full Tilt Drop Kick lack
Price: $499.00
Sale Price: $299.00
Full Tilt Drop Kick
Price: $499.00
Inferno Fling uses the same last and outer mold as its big sister, the Inferno Crush, but the lower cuff height and softer flex makes it perfect for the smaller advanced to expert female skier. Inferno Fling is a high performance boot with low volume fit that is required to get that extra sensitivity and all mountain performance without over buckling. Drop Kick is made for the aggressive park rider who wants close-to-the-snow feel boots that feel like you’re doing tricks without anything on your feet. The shell’s 99mm fit & ultra light & nimble feel compliments its #6 flexing. Drop Kick is made for the aggressive park rider who wants close-t-the-snow feel boots that feel like you’re doing tricks without anything on your feet. The shell’s 99mm last ultra-light feel compliments its 3 piece shell design and active rubber boot board to eliminate shin bang while providing the support needed in big air landings.
Lange RS 140
Lange RS 140
Price: $749.00
The RS 140 is a full-blooded racing boot which offering a more generous volume (97mm) for those who can’t fit in a traditional “plug” boot fit. This boot is made for the expert skier looking for race boot performance but tired of cramming their feet into race boots of the past.