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Hotronic Footwarmer PP E4

The Hotronic Footwarmer PP E4 unit is the highest end heater offered by Hotronic. It has a paper thin heating element that goes underneath the toes and the ball of the feet to keep them warm. The heat will last for about 4 hours on the highest setting and 14 hours on the lowest setting.

Our Price $240.00
Lenz Heat Ski Sock 1.0 RC1200

The heated socks can be used for any activity: fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or just walking around in the cold...

Price: $300.00
Sidas Pro Set Boot Heaters

The Pro Set from Conformable is a very high end ski boot heater with specific features that provide benefits over other models. The biggest benefit is the newly designed heating element. New technology allows the entire heating element to heat instead of 3 points warming up and then radiating out. It also comes with a great built in bracket that does not require additional mounting pieces. Last 8 hours on low setting.

Our Price $340.00
Ski Boot Heater Thermic Smartpack RC1600

Thermic has been creating high end boot heaters for years and they now have designed their most powerful battery yet. The RC1600 battery is capable of providing heat up to 29 hours on the lowest setting and up to a max of 6 hours on high. That is a ton of heat in a very small package. It only takes 4 to 5 hours to fully recharge the battery.

Price: $460.00