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Biking Insoles - Cycling
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The Best Fit in Bike Shoes
Whether you are on the road or in the mountains, cycling is one sport where the extreme physical demands are nearly exceeded by the technical demands. Just look at the advantage one rider can have over another when a lighter, stronger bike or component is used. Yet, in the search for the next revolutionary frame configuration, space-age wheel alloy, or drag reducing material, most riders don’t realize the greatest advantage they can obtain is right under their feet - proper forefoot balancing.
Ride With Power
When a biker pedals, they are typically at 80 – 100 revolutions per minute. For every revolution, the arch collapses inside of the shoe resulting in a loss of power and efficiency through each pedal stroke. The Surefoot Insole helps to hold the foot in neutral which aligns the strongest bones in the ankle. When the foot is in this position it increases efficiency and eliminates the ankle collapsing and lower leg twisting. This results in greater power, increased efficiency, and a powerful pedal stroke throughout the ride.
Maximum Comfort
For many cyclists, pain and discomfort are all too common during a ride. Cramping, tightness, or even burning on the ball of the foot are all issues that we often face. Surefoot’s cycling-specific insole will help to alleviate all of these problems by stabilizing previously unsupported areas and eliminating pressure points in the ball of the foot through even weight distribution. Surefoot Insoles have won 14 stages of the Tour de France and numerous regional events. Even if you’re not a professional cyclist, Surefoot Insoles will act as a connection between the body and its equipment, increasing both performance and comfort.

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